Salt & Pepper or Pepper & Salt?

When I was young Morton Salt came out with those plastic salt and pepper shakers that had an “S” and “P” on them.  Maybe you’ve seen these at flea markets.  Everyone had them – hey, plastic was the in thing then.  These sat in the middle of our dinner table.  One night I noticed that they matched my sister’s and my first initials – salt and pepper, Susie and Peggie.  Hmmmmmm, interesting.

Salt & Pepper shakers

Many years later after we were both married, while ordering something to be monogrammed, I noticed that our married initials stilled matched those salt and pepper shakers – SP and PS.  Now this is more than interesting.  What are the odds?

Our married lives moved along, mine in New York, hers in Connecticut.  At some point my sister began collecting interesting salt and pepper shakers.  My favorite was a set with the Empire State building and King Kong.  She eventually found a ceramic “S” and “P” which she kept (and still does) on the window ledge in her kitchen – now also my kitchen.  While visiting on our annual vacation a few years ago, I mentioned to her that it was nice that she had shakers that were my initials.  Her response – “What?”


She had never noticed something that I had found interesting for many years.  She realized they were her initials, but never made the connection that they were also mine.  So now this is the running joke.  She still has the shakers in her window, and, on occasion, I rearrange them to suit me.  Whenever she notices it, she puts them back.  No one ever mentions it, but we know.

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