Bowl of Joys Luncheon

Bowl of Joy

What is a Bowl of Joys luncheon you might ask?  Well, some ladies at church are in this group called Bowl of Joys and take turns hosting lunch at their homes each month.  The only rule is that the dishes must be new to the group.


The group got its name from an actual wooden bowl filled with wooden leaves that is passed around the table at the luncheon. Each person takes a leaf and talks about the joy in her life.

Place setting

In January it was our turn to host.  Our original idea was to have a tasting menu with lots of small plates but that turned into more work than we could do in the time allotted.  But we used some of the same recipes.

Buffet 2

The menu was:


Pimento cheese crackers

Lemon Drop Champagne punch


White Wine

Roasted shrimp cocktail

Herb chicken salad on profiteroles

Absurdly Addictive Asparagus

Quick cucumber pickles

Roasted garlic mushrooms

Cape Cod salad


Ricotta cake with macerated berries

Gingerbread with Kahlua whipped cream

Homemade Limoncello


Their take home gift was homemade Kahlua.  We found these cute bottles on clearance at The Container Store for less than $2.00 each.

I can’t wait until the next luncheon!

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