When Life (or Costco) Gives You Lemons (part 1)

It’s lemon season and the bags of lemons at Costco are calling my name.  We had served the last of our limoncello at the Bowl of Joys luncheon and wanted to take advantage of the supply of juicy lemons.

The first project was a batch of limoncello requiring the zest of 10 lemons.  That takes a few weeks to brew – more details on that later.

With lemons zested, that left 10 naked lemons that needed to be used.  The first thing I thought of was Faye’s famous lemon tart.  Who is Faye, you might ask?  Faye Hess was our teacher and excursion organizer at the cooking school I went to in Mercatale, Italy last year.  I love lemon anything and this tart is lemon!

Faye's lemon tart

When we returned from Italy, I realized I really hadn’t paid enough attention to make this tart on my own.  So I messaged Faye and she created a video on her DinnerList website showing how to make this.  AND, she dedicated the video to me!  How cool is that?

Faye isn’t offering cooking schools anymore – because she started a restaurant in New York City.  This is her second restaurant and I can’t imagine how much work this must be.  But if you are in the city, be sure to drop by the 51st  Bakery and Café.  You will not be disappointed.  She is a great cook.  You could even say I sent you.

Until you can eat at her restaurant, try her lemon tart. This is a very simple recipe.  Make a simple crust in a springform pan.  Make the lemon curd – do make sure to let it thicken in the pot.  Then add to the crust and cook.  Waiting for this to cool is probably the hardest part.  You could serve with a dusting of confectioner’s sugar or some whipped cream.  We had it plain and pretended we were back in Mercatale.

Faye’s Lemon Tart

1 c flour
8 T cold butter
¼ c sugar
small pinch salt

4 eggs
2 egg yolks
1 ¼ c sugar
½ c lemon juice
pinch of salt
2 T butter
2-3 T lemon zest

Crust: Combine flour, cold butter, and sugar, and 1 small pinch of salt until there are some small bits and some large bits of flour and butter. Use your fingertips.

Press the crust into a spring form pan and bake at 400˚. Remove when it’s the middle of golden, about 15 minutes.  While crust is cooking, make filling.

Filling: Combine eggs and egg yolks in a bowl and whisk until combined. Slowly add sugar and whisk until all sugar is dissolved.  Add lemon juice. Pour into a wide stainless steel pan over medium heat, and whisk lightly until slightly thickened.  Just keep it moving.  Mixture should coat back of spoon.

Off the heat, add cold butter one T at a time. Pass through a sieve and then add lemon zest. Taste for salt.

Pour filling into crust pan and bake for 5 minutes at 350˚.  Tart will solidify more as it cools.

1 thought on “When Life (or Costco) Gives You Lemons (part 1)

  1. Faye

    That was so nice of you to think of me Peggy! And what a nice blog post. The cafe has been crazy hard, but I’m hoping to find a little more help soon.
    Hope all is well with you.


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