In June, 2013, my husband retired after 39 years of teaching, the last eight as chair of his department.  I had always thought he would die at his desk, but he proved me wrong.

We quickly began the process of preparing our house for sale.  Soffits were painted, knick knacks were packed away, realtors were interviewed and serious cleaning took place.

Our plan was to sell our house and move to North Carolina to live with my sister – not just for a while, but permanently.  Various friends and relatives have told us this will never work, we are seriously delusional or it will never happen, but we beg to differ.

We’re in North Carolina now looking for land or a house – this could be a long process.

My sister and I both love to cook and garden.  Follow along as we work through this new lifestyle.

Update:  October, 2014

All those people were right.  My husband and I decided Charlotte was just too big for us.  So we have moved to a small town in eastern North Carolina.  This move created some new challenges – furniture needs to be purchased, rooms need to be painted.  Oh, well, it will keep us off the streets!

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